The Grove is pleased to offer coffee, soup, salad, and sandwich bar, including daily hot specials and ready-to-go items. The Grove offers homemade pizzas, fries and combos.  We’re also excited to now be offering pub food.

Located on the lower level of Grenfell Campus, Memorial University, The Grove dining hall offers a variety of fare. With a fresh new look, the area accommodates approximately 175 patrons at any given time and can be reconfigured to accommodate additional seating.

Management and employees of The Grove have been a leading force in western Newfoundland’s service industry for more than 20 years and, in this new venture, are excited and committed to offering a menu created with the well-being and interests of the student body in mind.

Come visit us this fall to enjoy fresh salads, soups and daily home-cooked meals, along with popular favourites including pizzas, fries and burgers.  Fill your evenings with nutritious meals too and, before heading back, pick up one of our fresh ready-made packs to finish at home…

Hours of Operation

Fall and Winter semesters:
Monday through Friday: 8 am to 7:30 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 11 am to 6 pm

Exceptions: Statutory & Term Holidays

Summer semester:
10 am to 2 pm Monday to Friday
Additional services available by request.


Purchase a Meal Plan

Check out our convenient meal plans – Don’t worry about carrying money – they’re loaded directly to your student card and your money doesn’t expire.  Unused credit will roll over to the following semester.

Buy now to ensure guaranteed activation for the first day of class.

Meal plans can be purchased online, through e-transfer to, or with credit card by calling 709-660-1243.

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Today's Specials

Wednesday Feb. 1,2017 Goulash w/roll $5.99
Chinese Combo $8.99
Pizza Sub w/side $7.99
Thursday Feb. 2,2017 Mac and Cheese w/roll $5.99
Chicken Quesdillas w/side (veg available) $7.99
Pork Lo Mein (vegetarian available) $7.99
Friday Feb. 3,2017 Chicken Linguine w/roll $5.99
Fish And Chips (1pc) $6.99 (2pc) $8.99
Bacon Wrapped Chicken w/side $8.99
Saturday Feb. 4,2017 Hashbrown Casserole $5.99 (veg available)
Southern Fried Chicken w/side $8.99
Sunday Feb. 5,2017 Grilled Cheese Sandwich w/soup $5.99
Hot Turkey Dinner $8.99
Monday Feb. 6,2017 Townhouse Turkey Casserole w/roll $5.99 (veg available)
Stuffed Pork w/side $7.99
Spicy Italian Painini w/side $7.99
Tuesday Feb. 7,2017 Chicken Fettuccine (veg available) $5.99
Honey Garlic Meatballs over Rice $7.99
Taco Bowl $7.99
Wednesday Feb. 8,2017 Custom Poutine $5.99
Meatball Sub w/side (veg available) $7.99
Chinese Combo $8.99
Thursday Feb. 9,2017 Spaghetti Casserole $5.99
Chicken Quesadillas w/side $7.99
Cabbage Rolls (2) w/ Side  $8.99
Friday Feb. 10,2017 Sloppy Joe w/side (veg available)
Chicken Swiss w/side $8.99
Fish and Chips 1pc $6.99 2pc$8.99
Saturday Feb. 11,2017 Grilled Cheese w/soup $5.99
Glazed Ham w/side $7.99
Sunday Feb. 12,2017 Chicken Alfredo w/roll $5.99
Roast Pork Dinner $8.99
Monday Feb. 13,2017 Beef Taco w/side 1 $5.99 2 $7.99
Honey Garlic Pork over Rice $7.99
Chicken Stir Fry w/side $8.99
Tuesday Feb. 14 2017 Chicken Enchilada w/side $5.99
Ham and Hashbrown Casserole $7.99 (veg available)
Monte Christo Sandwich w/side $7.99
Wednesday Feb. 15,2017 Mushroom Fettuccine $5.99 (veg available)
Apple Pork w/side $7.99
Chinese Combo $8.99
Thursday Feb. 16,2017 Mac and Cheese $5.99
Chicken Quesadillas w/side $7.99
Roast Beef Dinner $8.99
Friday Feb. 17,2017 Singapore Noodles w/roll $5.99 veg available
BBQ Pork Loin w/side $7.99
Fish and Chips 1pc $6.99 2pc$8.99
Saturday Feb. 18,2017 Breaded Shrimp & Fries  $5.99
Beef Lasagna w/side $7.99
Sunday Feb. 19,2017 BLT W/Soup $5.99 (veg available)
BBQ Chicken Breast w/side $8.99
Monday Feb. 20,2017 Baked Beans and Bologna $5.99 (veg available)
Korean Pork w/side $7.99
Spicy Carolina Chicken w/side $8.99
Tuesday Feb. 21,2017 Thai Chicken over Rice $5.99 (veg available)
Parmesan Pork w/side $7.99
Chicken Bacon Panini w/side $8.99
Wednesday Feb. 22,2017 Sweet and Sour Pork over Rice $5.99 (veg available)
Fish Cakes w/side $7.99
Chinese Combo $8.99
Thursday Feb. 23,2017 BBQ Beef Sandwich w/side $5.99
Chicken Alfredo $7.99 (veg available)
Chicken Quesadillas w/side (veg available)
Friday Feb. 24,2017 Meatloaf w/side $5.99
Fish and Chips 1pc$6.99 2pc$8.99
Italian Chicken Bake w/side $8.99 (veg available)
Saturday Feb. 25,2017 Vegetarian Lasagna w/side $6.99
Stuffed Pork Loin w/side $8.99
Sunday Feb. 26,2017 Cod Nuggets and fries $5.99
Roast Beef Dinner $8.99
Monday Feb. 27,2017 Glazed Ham w/side $5.99
Honey Garlic Meatballs over Rice $7.99
Southern Fried Chicken Breast w/side $8.99 (veg available)
Tuesday Feb. 28,2017 Seafood Chowder $5.99
Beef Lasagna w/side $7.99 (veg available)
Shrimp Fettuccine w/side $8.99
Butter Chicken over Rice  $8.99

Pleased to be Serving:







Our Commitment to Sustainability

In response to Memorial University’s “vision to be a sustainable and progressive university in all areas of operation, education, research and outreach providing leadership for today and future generations,” as a company we would commit ourselves to minimizing “our adverse environmental impact.”

Through employee education and supervision, we will actively seek to recycle all products that have recycling capability, and commits to using paper products made of recycled material when possible. As a company, we also commit to purchasing compostable packaging and napkins when possible and economically feasible,  and to divert all food waste to the Composting Initiative.

In an effort to participate in the Fair Trade Canada Fair Trade Campus Program, we promise to offer Fair Trade products as they become available, with menu prices to reflect potential increased costs. We commit ourselves to work with local farmers and suppliers, to offer the freshest, most locally sourced products.

We promise to use green cleaning products as much as possible. Our current supplier has a vast assortment of green products and assures that availability will never be an issue.

Key points:

  1. Local company
  2. Sourcing food and supplies locally where possible
  3. No bottled water
  4. Customers have access to water refill station in the dining hall
  5. Reusable coffee cup program with discounted cost of the disposal cup
  6. Use of compostable materials processed via the campus composter